Robert and I had a Shamanic Sacred Journey Healing with Ivo. After the healing transformative sessions, we felt completely shifted and rearranged. From "setting the Intention" to the"Intuitive Downloads" to the "Healing and Clearing work", many of our core emotional patterns were released from my body and cells. We felt clearer, lighter and more self-confident. We felt safe in Ivo's care. His approach was compassionate, attentive, detailed and insightful. We have done a lot of counseling and emotional release work over the past 30 years and feel Ivo's Shamanic journey work has been the most effective and powerful. We would highly recommend Ivo's sessions to our clients and friends. His work is penetrative and clears blockages from the cellular, emotional, mental, physical and etheric bodies. He is a master at his craft!
We also found his wife Maggie's Aura Soma readings to be accurate, illuminating and very clarifying of our journey, strengths, gifts and challenges. We felt the colour bottles and essences we were drawn to were exactly what we needed. Her style was warm, safe and supportive. We feel Ivo and Maggie make a great healing team. Their retreat accommodation is beautiful and peaceful surrounded by forest land. It is like a private pristine sanctuary.
Maggie and Ivo are very special people indeed!
- Shari Rhodes & Robert Newby


I have profound grattitude for Maggie and Ivo's sumptuously nurturing, healing and loving space.
It has been life changing for me.

- Elisabeth von Madarasz,


I received a Sacred Journey Healing at Sacred Journeys Sanctuary. The best part of the treatment was being with someone compassionate and non-judgmental to go into the roots of my problems. I guess before one can progress in healing oneself, there has to be a knowledge of oneself from another person's perspective. I am thankful for Ivo's patience, kindness and perseverance in pulling down my defenses gently and trying to get into the roots of my personal problems. For me, the main parts of the journey were (1) all the talking with Ivo, which enabled me to realize my weaknesses and my strengths and how these were affecting people around me and (2) Ivo listing all these aspects of my personality and turning my problems into intentions for the healing and clear them from their source. I am grateful for Ivo's kindness and compassion, for the lovely talk with Mechteld, for the warmth of their family and the lovely soup (yum!).
- A.R, Wellington.