Massage sets the body fluids in motion and stimulates the elimination of toxins and waste held in the tissue. Rhythm is used as a healing element. It strengthens the breathing and the heart.The stimulation of the tissue may manifest a feeling of ease, wholeness and a deep warming. It promotes circulation and relaxation and has generally a great effect on Mental, Emotional and Physical Health and Well-Being. The massage is gentle and nurturing. Intuition and awareness is used to connect on a deeper level with the cells of the body, so the massage can be carried out sensitively and consciously.

In this treatment only organic & bio-dynamic and 100% pure essential oils will be used. The following products can be used: Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, Aura-Soma, Wala.
Please note that there may be a surcharge for some of the products.

Mechteld offers the following choices:

 Back, neck and shoulder massage (30 minutes):  NZD 40,-
 Back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage (45 minutes):  NZD 55,-
 Full body massage (90 minutes):  NZD 95,-