Living Empowered Seminar

This seminar is designed to give you the tools and awareness to empower you in your day to day life.
This seminar is also a pre-requisite for the 5-day residential Sacred Journey Healing Training.

You will learn to:

* Create a Sacred Space *
* Setup protection for yourself, your home and your family *
* Clear yourself, your home and space *
* Ground yourself and connect yourself with heaven and earth *
* Live empowered and give direction to your life *
* Balance and align yourself *
* Understand and access different states of being *
* Communicate with the Spirit realm for Advise and Healing *
* Heal yourself *
* Retrieve Spirit Help or a Gift from Spirit for another person *
* Use the tools with responsibility and respect *
* Trust your intuition *

Let Spirit become your teacher

This Friday night (7pm) till Sunday Night (5pm) seminar will be facillitated by Ivo Nieling at Sacred Journeys Sanctuary, 429 Thompsons Track, Aongatete, Tauranga.
The energies of the land and the grounding and balance provided by Nature are essential for this seminar.
It is strongly recommended to stay at the venue throughout the weekend.

Please be aware that because this is a residential seminar, the amount of participants will be limited.

If you feel drawn to attend this seminar but financial circumstances are difficult for you, please contact us and let's talk about a plan.
If you are not able to attend on Friday night, please contact us and we will try to work around it.

For enquiries you can contact Mechteld and Ivo:

Phone: 07-5493337 Mobile: 027-2169369 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.