Great Links to other websites

Awareness Events New Zealand:
View and submit Earth, Body, Love, Spirit and Universal events on a website dedicated to promoting inspiring events, bringing new awareness to our community.

The Sacred Web of Oneness:
An Oracle for Guidance and Transformation. A magical tale of ancient wisdom guides us through the story of transformation from spirit into matter and back into Oneness. The story is told by 50 cards, which represent the anchor places in our body. These anchor places control our glands.

Care 4 u:
Mechteld and Ivo offer carer support in the Tauranga area. Their goal is to be an advocate and mentor for children and adolescents in need of care and support, and to empower them and their caregivers in a positive and inspiring way.

Academy of Shamanic Studies: 
Sees Shamanism as a bridge to the emerging Golden Age. Seeks to assist the evolving mass conciousness of the planet and aims to teach Shamanism in a way that honours the cultural heritage of each person and the Spirit and vibrations of the land, with respect for all ways, all religions, and all life forms.

Sacred Birthing: 
Workshops and information to help to create a new being who has a maximum capacity to love.