Aura-Soma® (color-care-system)

Aura Soma1Color influences your thoughts, moods, your emotions and oyur entire Well-Being. Color is a great tool to increase your understanding of your Soul's journey.

You are the colors you choose and these colors reflect your Being, your personality, your gifts and talents, your present situation and your potential.
Mechteld creates your reading by analysing the bottles (colors) you choose and she uses her gift of clairvoyance to bring through the right messages for you to assist you on your journey.

What the colors of Aura-Soma® can do for you:

The equilibrium bottles are vibrant and have two layers of colors, which turn into a third colour when the two colors/layers are mixed. These vibrant colors are created by many aspects of the natural world; minerals, crystals, herbs and plants combine to create the unique colors and qualities of each of the 114 equilibrium bottles.
A personal Aura-Soma consultation is done based on four equilibrium bottles you choose. These bottles represent your mission and purpose, your gifts and opportunities, your here and now and your future potential, helping you to become more consciously aware of the special Being you are. The consultation can help you to strengthen your connection with your True Self, your intuition and your talents.
An Aura-Soma consultation is non-intrusive as through the self-selection process each person details which facets of their life they are ready to look at and explore. Knowledge held deep within is able to be accessed and brought to conscious awareness.
Your consultant will assist you to work with your soul's choice, honoring the wisdom of your soul and helping to unfold the message which is uniquely yours.

When applied on the skin, the essential oils of the equilibrium bottles can help you to harmonize, balance and vitalize your energies. The oils are absorbed by your skin and enter the lymphatic system and circulatory system. The pure energies of the crystals, plants, herbs and minerals are carried by the blood to the organs and Endocrine glands. Aura-Soma products are specifically color coded to bring harmony and equilibrium to your aura and chakra's.

Through utilizing the Aura-Soma system, you may enter a new found self-awareness.
You can move towards:
- Awakening an enthusiasm for life;
- Finding more ease in your relationships;
- Appreciating yourself and your talents;
- Experiencing more love and caring in your life;
- Rebalancing, revitalize and harmonize your energy;
- Reconnecting with your inner self and intuition.

Imagine how these benefits could dramatically improve your life; how a sense of ease and comfort within yourself could help you make the most of your gifts, talents and essence of who you are. Wake up each day feeling re-energized and yet relaxed in who you are.
All this can be achieved through achieving a greater understanding of who you are. The Aura-Soma system can aid you with this, and in achieving many of your goals.

bottlesrowMechteld's Aura-Soma consultation
You can visit our clinic at 775 Cameron Road in Tauranga or our clinic at 429 Thompsons Track in Aongatete (between Tauranga and Katikati). Out of 113 bottles, you will be asked to choose four bottles. These bottles will be used to create your reading.
Mechteld will used her knowledge of Aura-Soma and her intuition to create a personalized reading for you.
Mechteld's messages are always positive and inspiring. Preparing a good reading takes time, therefore it is recommended to come back for a second visit after the bottles have been chosen.

Mechteld offers Aura-Soma sessions:

Aura-Soma Consultation - a personal clairvoyant reading based 
on 4 equilibrium bottles you choose.
This reading gives you insight in the talents and gifts you bring
into the world and how they help you to overcome your
  NZD 75,- 


We found Maggie's Aura Soma readings to be accurate, illuminating and very clarifying of our journey, strengths, gifts and challenges. We felt the colour bottles and essences we were drawn to were exactly what we needed. Her style was warm, safe and supportive.
Warm Regards,
Shari Rhodes
Robert Newby


Background information 

Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura-Soma said 'You are the colors you choose'. Born the 7th child of a 7th child, her father was a Master Kabbalistic teacher, she had the gift of second sight - meaning she could see auras and was also clairvoyant. 
Aura Soma2Vicky’s father could not teach her the Kabbalistic lessons, as these where traditionally taught only to male members of the family. Instead he walked with her in the fields around their London home, asking her what plant would be good for this or that ailment. As she grew up, Vicky learned to recognize the art or science called 'the signatures of plants' - this is where the color, leaf or plant shape, give an indication of what the plant may be useful for, in restoring or maintaining well-being.
When Vicky left school, she trained as an apothecary, during the Second World War in London. Here she learned to make up creams and lotions using herbs and plant extracts. She then went on to become a Surgical Chiropodist.
As she grew older Vicky developed diabetes, which eventually led to her loss of sight in both eyes, she did however retain her second sight of aura's. It was shortly after losing her sight that in a dream she was told to 'Divide the waters my child', she found herself being guided to her little workshop where she still made up her creams and lotions. Here in the night 'unseen hands guided her' to make up some colorful mixtures of plant extracts, oils and waters. By morning there were a number of little dual colored bottles on the shelf - all twinkling in the morning sunlight. She didn't know what they were for, but knew they would make lovely skin oils and so Balance or Equilibrium as it is now known, was born in 1983. Slowly the range was developed to include the Pomanders and Quintessence’s, Color Essences and more.
Now over 25 years later we are only just really beginning to understand what these 'Jewels' (as Vicky called them) are. The dual colored bottles slowly reveal their use to humanity and the planet.
When we look at the colors, we access an ancient part of ourselves. One that knows the restorative and supportive aspects of color, and the plant and crystal extracts that go into making up the Aura-Soma Equilibrium range.
We are now also discovering, how they support us to become more conscious and more in touch with our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual knowing.