Indigo child, my teacher
Poem, written by Mechteld Schuurmans

Dear Indigo child,

Everything within you has taught me a lot
Everything I discovered within you, I hadn't got

I fought with you and I could hardly cope
A life with you didn't give me hope

But this is what I discovered through you within myself
I am sorry indigo child, you suffered because I didn't want to look at myself

You made your journey here on Earth to bring love and peace
But what you experienced was not being in your body at ease

You didn't decide to be in your body, you flew constantly in and out
Until you found a safe place where you could ground

I went in your journeys to see what you act out
To experience your struggle and being out there in a cloud

You are so sensitive for the mirror you receive here
And it will be hard to teach us how to love and share

I tried to change you because of my fear
This forced you to go out of your body and to be no longer here

I can hear you when you shout
But this is not the way you like to go out

And then your laughter, your laughter made me upset
Now I see that you only reacted on my threat

Can nobody see the mirror which you show the world just like you did to me
It is exactly who I didn't want to be

When I was hurt and upset with myself
I wanted to blame you for what I felt

All I discovered from you is what you showed me
That love and acceptance is the way to be

It provides a safe home for you and me
From there we can share our journey home

Love & Light, Mechteld





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