Dear mother earth,
I can see you in the colors of the rainbow
I can hear you in the song of the birds
I can feel you in the rain and the sun
I can taste you in the veggies and the fruit
I can smell you in the flower
You are so loving towards us people
You are so caring
You must love us people so much
You are so kind
I can feel it when you are happy
You are so funny
I can see it in the gnomes, the fairies and the angels
You are laughter too
I feel the ground shake and the wind blow
You are respect towards all life
I wish you a happy Mothersday
But I hope it is every day of the year
I love you heaps
I am your best friend
I will try to protect you in my own environment and if I can in my own country from things that harm you
I can't protect you from all the things that happen in the world but I do my best

Love, Glen


glen art5



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