Create a Vision Book

It's great fun to create a Vision Book.
Your child can cut pictures out of magazines and glue them on a page to make their visions visual.
It is possible to let your child cut out all the pictures which he/she likes first. Then discuss each picture and let your child tell about it, which will give an idea under what topic it can be placed.
Here are some examples of topics, feel free to create more:

- The Area where I like to live.
- This is the garden I like (see example picture).
- This is my bedroom.
- What I like to see and experience.
- The gifts I like to bring to this planet.

This activity will help your child to become more aware of self and express their vision.
A Vision Book also helps to create the future.
But most important, it pulls you into the world your child lives in. This will help you to understand and get to know your child better.
Always remember that any activity should be fun!






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